About Briefme

The Briefme team has built a Cause Marketing Powered Publishing (CMPP) Platform in collaboration with Giving Forward a 501c3 nonprofit. 

CMPP solves problems for Readers, Content Creators, Advertisers and the Nonprofit Community.

  1. Readers/Viewers want a way to “give back” but don’t often have the disposable income to make charitable donations. But they love reading News about celebs, sports stars and VIPs, movie launches new seasons of binge-worthy online content, concerts, sporting events, etc. Much of the content will include co-created with entertainers. Readers trade their attention and brand loyalty for the donations that we make, based on the reader’s behavior (ad/sponsorship consumption, eCommerce revenue, and promotional value.)
  2. Content Creators donate content because they want to “give back,” doing what they do best, entertain and inform us. Content creators include reporters/journalists, celebs and VIPs (as well as their staff); all collaborating with our internal team of writers, editors and producers. Our editors welcome any newsworthy stories but try to stay away from mean, depressing or overly salacious gossip.
  3. Businesses and Marketers have a “millennials problem.” As well as challenges communicating with other demographic segments. Briefme conveys a halo effect on the advertisers and sponsors. We anticipate that many readers who would ordinarily leave their ad-blockers on, will white-list Briefme because the ads power our social good engine.
  4. Nonprofit 501c3 organizations (with a US presence) can participate in many ways:
    1. Active promotion of content tagged with their cause category or their specific brand (both result in increased donations)
    2. Co-Creation of content with the editorial team including educational and feel good stories that include and engage supporters.
    3. Recommendations that their VIP/Celebrity supporters reach out to the Briefme team to explore what kinds of content can be co-created for a win-win.
    4. Coordinating coverage of their fundraising events (pre and post) with the Briefme team.

Here’s how it works (fictitious example).
Cristiano Ronaldo https://twitter.com/Cristiano submits a three to five minute behind the scenes video interview to Briefme (or the primary domain we use). Ronaldo picks his favorite cause, Save the Children (which has NOTHING to do with the content, it just goes along for the ride as the monetization recipient)

He then shares the video link on both Twitter (72 Million followers) and on Facebook (120 million followers) https://www.facebook.com/Cristiano/ mentioning that his cause is helped when fans check out his behind the scene’s locker-room coverage)

Conservatively assume (half of one percent) of the followers click. That is 1 million visitors consuming that one video. $5,000 in revenue top line. Content was essentially free, That’s approximately $1,100 to Save the Children (half to Ronaldo’s choice and half to the reader’s choice). If the reader also picks Save The Children, STC gets $2,200, (the reader can individual selected causes or a cause category, such as animals).

When the content is good, or great, those same fans will share it further. Sometimes the nonprofit or the biggest supporters share it (particularly if Ronado mentions them at the end of the video. When anyone shares the content AND has registered their selected cause goes along with the share for the additional 25 percent More $ to charity. Due to inclusion on both Google News and the regular Google index the content ranks for searches in Google, driving more free traffic that converts to revenue for STC and other causes.

Multiply that times 20 stories/videos a day from other stars with smaller followings, it still adds up fast.