Donation FAQ

This list of FAQs is specific to our fundraising initiative to bid higher on Gawker. The list will grow over time as more questions are asked.

  • What happens if I donate cryptocurrency to your initiative to bid higher on Gawker, and you don’t win? While we will do our best to be the higher bidder in the Gawker auction transforming (Gawker into Gawker For Good) we plan to launch the Cause Marketing Powered Publishing (CMPP) on Briefme and other domains, hopefully (if we prevail) in the acquisition. Your donations will help us to launch the platform sooner and with greater impact to the nonprofits. For non-anonymous donations, we will consider refunding the donation. Contact us at
  • What is Cause Marketing Powered Publishing (CMPP)? CMPP will power not only Briefme but also (if we prevail) in the acquisition, transforming Gawker into Gawker For Good. The CMPP platform is the brain-child of Kevin Lee and David Pasternack Co-Founders at Didit, and backed by Bert Brodsky the third Didit partner. Kevin, in particular, has a passion for cause marketing. The publishing business faces many challenges and CMPP won’t fix all forms of publishing, but we believe that we can provide a Win-Win-Win-Win for:
    1. Readers/Viewers (great content)
    2. Contributors (get to help their chosen nonprofit and co-create content)
    3. Advertisers/sponsors (halo effect due to involvement)
    4. Nonprofit Causes (donation revenue at no cost & visibility as readers consume content)
  • Can I support a general cause category instead of a specific cause? Yes, we are creating buckets of causes (501c3s) with similar missions. The portion of the pooled donations allocated to those category buckets will be distributed to individual 501c3s.  The formula we use to allocate across 501c3s within a category is subject to change because there are situations where the formula may not arrive at a fair distribution. We want to be fair.