The 20 Best Children’s Television Characters of All Time


Television has provided education and entertainment to children for nearly a century, creating many lovable and iconic characters along the way. This list of the 20 best children’s television characters of all time consists only of the most recognizable, inspiring, and fun-to-watch characters from kids’ TV. Only one character per show is included on the list. Characters are listed chronologically. The year included is the year the television show was released – not necessarily the year the character was introduced.

1Bugs Bunny: Looney Tunes, April 1930

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Bugs Bunny is the quintessential classic cartoon character, one of the earliest examples of children’s television done right. While he may not be the greatest role model for youngsters (he’s a bit of a trickster), Bugs Bunny gifted legions of children for many years with animated television comedy – usually of the slapstick variety. There is no understating his influence on subsequent children’s shows, either, or on television as a whole.