9 Seriously Addictive (And Free!) Apps


Whether you’re looking for a fun trivia challenge, a can’t-stop-playing-it game, or just something to unwind with, these apps are sure to satisfy your app-etite. And, best of all, they’re free on the Apple App Store and on Google Play!


How to Play: Think of a character – a family member, a friend, a celebrity, a fictional character, whoever you want – and answer the questions about that character. Akinator, the smartest genie in the universe, will guess your character with incredibly high accuracy. For every character Akinator guesses correctly on the first try, you get an award based on how recently Akinator guessed them correctly when someone else played them.

Personal Review: An absolute blast. I find myself sitting for hours trying to think of characters that aren’t played frequently in order to get better awards. 8.5/10.