Alcohol and coffee consumption linked to longer lives


Coffee gets you through the week, and alcohol gets you through the weekend. For those who agree with this statement, you might want to think twice if you’re considering kicking the habit(s). USA Today reports on a study that shows the health benefits of both beverages.

The study began in 2003 and targeted those of the 90+ demographic. Researchers wanted to get a sense of the habits that these individuals engaged in that contributed to their long lifespans. People who drank “moderate amounts” of coffee or alcohol lived longer than those who did not. In fact, those who drank two glasses of beer or wine a day decreased their chances of dying prematurely by 18{4b67ba8b923a50fd3c2d318c36d85df0f722be16ef3877469216aec8196f2e86}, compared to 10{4b67ba8b923a50fd3c2d318c36d85df0f722be16ef3877469216aec8196f2e86} for those who drank two cups of coffee every day.

Moderation played a key role in this study since no evidence existed that any of the participants abused alcohol or caffeine in any way.

One possible explanation for the outcome is that coffee can give people more energy to do tasks. Exercising is one of these tasks; regularly moving is also linked to longer lives. As for alcohol, consuming alcoholic beverages in moderation can improve people’s moods.