Animals and owners reunited after Michigan flood


According to GovTech, animal control reunited pets and their owners after a flood in Royalton Township, Michigan.

In one instance, a horse was stranded inside a barn for two days. However, the Berrien County Animal Control rescued the horse and brought it back to safety. In total, animal control rescued about 60 animals and reunited them with their owners. Most of the animals were cats and dogs. Even so, they also rescued hamsters and a pig.

That’s not all they did, though. Animal control also had the task of creating teams to warn local families to evacuate. Some of the homes were empty during the warnings, with some families leaving their pets behind. In response, two members of animal control used their kayaks to rescue pets during the flooding.

“I’m so proud of my team,” Berrien County Animal Control director Tiffany Peterson says. “They worked great…and no one complained.”