Beauty company pushes for chemicals to be removed from makeup


According to Fast Company, beauty company Beautycounter is meeting with Congress to remove carcinogens from makeup.

It all started a decade ago, when Jude Rollins’ doctor diagnosed her with breast cancer. She lived a healthy lifestyle and had no family history of cancer. However, she realized that the beauty products she used had cancer-causing agents in them.

The United States only bans 30 chemicals the from being used in makeup, compared with the EU’s 1,300. For this reason, Rollins and rest of her company felt the need to confront the issue.

Currently, Beautycounter is working with Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) to modify the Personal Care Products Safety Act. The PCPSA is not strict enough to control for the numerous chemicals that makeup currently contains.

Many makeup brands have a mission to create safe cosmetics, and Beautycounter is one of them. Despite the varied political stances of the members of the company, they all have rallied around one idea: People deserve access to cosmetic products that are not going to harm them.