Your Best Quality (Based on Your Myers-Briggs Type)


I’m a pretty big Myers-Briggs fan. Once I get close to somebody, I’ll make sure I ask what their Myers-Briggs type is — or I’ll try to figure it out by myself. Everyone is different, obviously, but a few commonalities between people of the same type certainly exist. As an added bonus, please enjoy a GIF of a fictional character who (likely) shares your MBTI type.

ISTJ: Your reliability.

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As an ISTJ, you have a strong sense of duty and take a lot of pride in your work. You are exceptionally responsible and reliable, and you can always be counted on.

ISTP: Your strength.

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I’m not talking about your physical strength here, ISTP. I’m talking about your quiet courage, the type of strength that allows you to face your scariest fears head-on.

ISFJ: Your kindness.

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ISFJs are tremendously kind and parental. You, as an ISFJ, have a natural protective air about you that makes others feel safe around you.

ISFP: Your free spirit.

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Nobody can tell an ISFP what to do. You’d much rather do your own thing, enjoying life as it comes. You are a creative and warm individual who won’t listen to anybody else’s moral compass.

INTJ: Your intelligence.

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As an INTJ, you have a natural knack for logic and knowledge. You’re a super bright person with a gift for problem-solving and an analytical mind.

INTP: Your inventiveness.

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You, dear INTP, are a creative mastermind. Every thought you have is something that’s never been thought of before, and you are at no loss for new ideas.

INFJ: Your passion.

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Nobody’s as passionate about the things they care about as you are, INFJ. When you care about something, your entire body and soul goes along with it.

INFP: Your idealism.

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If there were no INFPs in the world, like you, there wouldn’t be any hope for a better future. You are the ultimate dreamers, whose visions know no bounds.

ESTJ: Your focus.

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With your drive, ESTJ, nothing can stop you. You have razor-sharp focus, discipline, and a take-charge personality. There is no task you cannot accomplish.

ESTP: Your enthusiasm.

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ESTPs are enthusiastic about the many action-packed adventures they go on, and you’re no different. You are very active and have a lot of friends.

ESFJ: Your loyalty.

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ESFJs like you are fiercely loyal to their friends and causes. You greatly value harmony and are very group-oriented. Your loyalty to those you care about makes you a terrific friend.

ESFP: Your spontaneity.

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With your love for parties and socializing, ESFP, you’ve always got something to do! You’re impulsive and always ready to have a good time, keeping everybody else happy as well.

ENTJ: Your leadership.

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If there was ever an ENTJ who followed the crowd, I’ve never met them. You are a strategic and self-starting entrepreneur with tremendous talent for leading others.

ENTP: Your humor.

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ENTPs are often considered the funniest Myers-Briggs type. You, ENTP, have a sharp and clever wit and are able to make smart and hilarious comments that keep everyone laughing.

ENFJ: Your helpfulness.

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You and your fellow ENFJs have a natural talent for aiding others when they are most in need. You will never abandon somebody who needs help and you have an enormous heart.

ENFP: Your optimism.

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No matter what is thrown your way, ENFP, you will manage to see the bright side of it. You’re a person of possibilities, and everything that happens has significance to you.

Regardless of your type, you absolutely have many wonderful qualities other than the one listed for your type. Perhaps you have characteristics of more than one type, as well. Either way, congratulations on being a very special person — you!