“Book towns” cater to those who love books


Atlas Obscura reported on March 14th about the prevalence of book towns.

Book towns, according to the article, are simply regular towns — with a wide abundance of bookstores. The first one, Hay-on-Wyde in Wales, started in 1977. Another example is Hobart, New York. In addition, book towns exist in India, South Korea, Australia, and Finland.

Journalist Alex Johnson believes that the ideal book town is “picturesque.” He also believes that the rent must be low enough to imply a far distance from the city.

The beauty of book towns is the accessibility to tangible books. In a world in which E-reading has become popular, many people still love the feel of a hardcover book in their hands. These people want to share their favorite books with others, too. For these reasons, book towns are among the most charming and on-the-rise structures today.