Disney’s Frozen 2 may portray Elsa as a lesbian


Contrary to true Disney royalty fashion, Queen Elsa of Frozen did not end her first film with a marriage to a prince or king. However, in Frozen 2, there might be a reason for this, reports the New York Post.

Since the film’s release in 2013, Frozen has acted as a form of representation for LGBT+ people. Many LGBT+ people have seen themselves in Elsa, whose anthem “Let it Go” people often call a coming-out song. When Huffington Post asked director Jennifer Lee if Elsa was going to be a lesbian, Lee neither confirmed nor denied.

Many LGBT+ individuals, however, perceive Lee’s ambiguity as a telltale sign that Elsa will indeed be a lesbian woman in the film’s sequel.

Will Elsa find a female love interest? Only time (and not the first time in forever) will tell.