Florida is the most sinful state; Vermont is the purest


A study from WalletHub concluded that Florida is the state with the most sinners and Vermont is the state with the most saints, Newsweek reports.

Researchers attempting to find out which states are holier-than-thou and which states aren’t quite heavenly used a variety of measures. Most of them corresponded with the famous seven deadly sins: laziness, greed, lust, vanity, anger, and excesses were a few of them.

Although Florida had the highest overall score and Vermont had the lowest, a few other states stood out. New York tied with Florida for first place in vanity due to the number of beauty salons in the state. Additionally, Arkansas and Mississippi ranked among the laziest states. Wisconsin and North Dakota topped the list in alcohol consumption, and Mississippians watched the most pornography. New Mexico was fairly high in both greed and anger, as reflected by its high scores in both theft and violent crime.