Forbes provides best work-anniversary finance tips


According to Forbes, your work anniversary isn’t just a time to celebrate your being one year closer to retirement. It’s also an excellent time to review your financial portfolio.

One tip that Forbes offers is to check your 401(k) on your work anniversary. Checking to see if you met your expectations can prove crucial. The article also says to put 50{4b67ba8b923a50fd3c2d318c36d85df0f722be16ef3877469216aec8196f2e86} of any possible salary increases into savings.

The rule of thirds is also an effective rule, the article claims. This rule states that people should spend 1/3 of their income on living, 1/3 on taxes, and 1/3 on savings. Finally, reviewing your stock options is a valuable move as well.

If you’re celebrating your work anniversary, take a few more minutes to tie up the loose ends before you open your bottle of champagne.