A French baker is fined for working too hard


In France’s political region of Aube, there is a law that states that bakeries must close at least one day a week. However, Cedric Vaivre, a local baker, decided to defy this rule and stay open seven days a week. Subsequently, he was fined $3,700 for his actions.

Vaivre defends his actions and told the French radio station, RMC, that he didn’t agree with the fine, and that he just loves his job. He doesn’t believe that the government should be able to penalize people for working.

There is an online petition for the fine to be revoked. The petition has over 2,000 signatures, which is pretty stunning considering that the bakery’s town only had 2,000 residents in 2014.

The president of the Bakers and Pastrymakers Patron Federation of Aube comments: “We understand that Mr. Vaivre wants to work more during the tourist season to make ends meet, but this law applies to all of the bakeries”.