Glenn Close leads battle towards mental illness awareness


Glenn Close is perhaps best-known for playing Alex Forrest in Fatal Attraction over three decades ago. However, she has some thoughts about Alex that she didn’t get to voice before.

Glenn, reports CBS News, has realized the possibility that her character suffered from a mental disorder of some sort. She had this thought as a result of exposure to mental illness: her sister has bipolar disorder and her nephew has schizophrenia.

Jessie Close, Glenn’s sister, confided in Glenn about her bipolar disorder. Jessie disclosed her suicidal thoughts, which prompted Glenn to help her sister out. Eventually, the two founded Bring Change to Mind, a group aiming to educate others about the hardships of mental illness.

The Close sisters believe they are saving lives, especially the lives of high school and college students. These demographics are those with the highest rates of mental illness. They ultimately aim to earn enough funding to help out anyone struggling with such conditions.

Finally, the two believe that people should take mental illness more seriously. “It’s just an illness, for goodness sake,” Glenn states.