Being a loner may improve your health


According to the BBC, introverts may reap more health benefits than extroverts.

Although previous research has stressed the need for social interaction, those who prefer to be alone may have higher levels of creativity. A study by Gregory Feist concluded that those who prefer being alone are more open and independent — two traits that have a strong correlation with creativity.

Introverts are also better listeners than extroverts. This makes sense: extroverts usually prefer to talk. Being better at listening means being better at focusing — another benefit introverts have.

Finally, introverts may not have as many friends as extroverts do. However, they’re likelier to have higher-quality friends. This is far healthier than having an overabundance of acquaintances.

If you tend to want to be alone more often than not, don’t worry. Your health, contrary to mainstream science, isn’t at risk — as long as you don’t overdo it.