Man wears shirt to Disney World, Finds Life Saving Organ Donor


Robert Leibowitz found his life saving kidney-donor through the power of social media. The Brooklyn native’s kidneys were functioning at 5{4b67ba8b923a50fd3c2d318c36d85df0f722be16ef3877469216aec8196f2e86}, and he feared they’d give out entirely before he could find a donor. In a final effort, Leibowitz wore a shirt to Disneyland for a week that said “In Need of Kidney. O Positive” with his phone number included.

Soon enough, people had taken photos of Leibowitz and shared it to the internet community via Facebook and Snapchat. Richie Sully was one of the 90,000 people who saw Leibowitz’s plea, and after a phone call, a plane ticket, and testing, Sully was confirmed as a match for the transplant. The pair hope to raise awareness about live organ donation through their inspiring story.