Men are encouraged to be more emotional in relationships


For too long, society has expected men to be emotionless pillars. The Guardian doesn’t think that’s fair.

Men have just as much capacity for deep and meaningful emotions as women do. However, no matter how acceptable it is to show emotion, some men will still be uncomfortable with it. For this reason, the Guardian offers tips to these men.

One crucial tip is to be honest with yourself about your feelings. If you are feeling sad or down, you don’t need to hide it from yourself.

A second step is to communicate these feelings to your partner. Once you have admitted them to yourself, it will be easier to admit them to your partner. Finally, you should learn to rely on your partner. Your partner is a person who loves you and will support you through emotional difficulties.

For any men who feel as though it’s not okay to cry, let the tears flow. Men have emotions, too.