NASA astronaut brings 4-year-old son to spacesuit portrait


Business Insider reported that one NASA mother brought her four-year-old son to her official NASA portrait shoot.

Anne C. McLain has no shortage of accomplishments. She’s a former Major in the United States Army, an aerospace engineer, and an attack pilot in addition to being a NASA astronaut. However, her proudest achievement is her son.

McLain cites leaving her son as “the hardest part about training for space.” Her son, however, isn’t complaining. He sometimes goes with his mother to work and he always enjoys it just as much. His friends express their surprise that his mother is an astronaut, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary for him.

A few other astronauts brought loved ones for their photos. Leland Melvin’s photo also featured his rescue dogs, for instance. In addition, many others bring their spouses and parents along for the ride.

All of the adorable pictures of McLain, her son, and Melvin can be found at the link above.