A nine year old piano prodigy plays with the Cincinnati Pops


Sophia Suwiryo, a nine year old piano prodigy, was asked to perform with the Cincinnati Pops in concert. The concert took place on Saturday, February 3rd, at the Cincinnati Music Hall. Sophia, who has been playing piano since she was four, was given two months to learn one of Mozart’s concerto pieces, a hefty task for any gifted piano player. Her piano instructor, Takako Frautschi, noted that the selected piece usually takes her college-aged pupils a year to perfect.

Sophia, however, had the piece down in two weeks.

About her success, her proud parents had this to say: “She keeps surprising us all of the time. We know she loves piano, but never knew she was capable of playing this tough music. It’s beyond her age … every year, she surprises us.”