Professional dorm-style living is taking San Francisco by storm


Rent is expensive – so why not live in a dorm? This is the question that many San Francisco citizens are considering. Starcity, a new development company has begun to create dorm-style apartment in order to help tenants save money as rent prices skyrocket.

Starcity has opened three properties and has nine in development, with a whopping waitlist of 8,000 people. They hope to have hundreds of independent units opened in the San Francisco Bay area this year.

Each unit is at least 130 square feet and comes completely furnished with utilities and wifi for $1,400 to $2,400 a month. An average one bedroom apartment in San Francisco usually goes for $3,300 a month.

Current residents of Starcity properties believe personal bathrooms is only a small sacrifice for the community they have found within the building.