Streets in Idaho named after Game of Thrones characters


Game of Thrones fan has decided to name streets in Idaho after characters from the series, reports Mashable.

Jennell Hall of Boise is a Game of Thrones fan who also happens to be a housing engineer. When she started a new housing complex outside the city, she took the creative liberties with naming the streets. And, of course, that means lots of Game of Thrones-filled names.

Some street names that Hall received approval for include Arya Place, Greyjoy Road, Sansa Street, and Tyrion Court. However, names like Baelish Avenue, Drogo Road, and Lannister Way did not get the okay. This was primarily because they sounded too much like other street names.

Fans of the long-running television series should pack their bags for a trip to Idaho if they want to see these streets in person.