With teachers on strike, charity makes sure students get food


As a result of bills proposing to arm educators, many teachers in West Virginia have gone on strike. Due to this, students have not been able to attend school for weeks — leaving many without the two hot meals per day that they depend on.

As reported by WBOY, churches and local communities are rallying to make sure students can get food even when school is closed. The Congregational Missionary Church in Harrison County is one example of such a place.

“The biggest challenge is making sure that we have enough items,” says Brenda Martin, a member of the church. “We always try to put a drink. Sometimes we put fruit snacks.”

In addition to feeding students, the organization ensures that parents will not have to worry about their children going hungry.

The Congregational Missionary Church is open from 11 AM to 1 PM to serve food to those who need it.