Technology advances in new smartphones


By Ade Hennis

With the dawn of many new mobile device options, the iPhone has some competition for the first time. Companies such as Google, LG, Samsung, and Motorola have been coming out with phones with their own unique qualities.

Apple released the iPhone 8 in September of 2017. In November of the same year, the released the iPhone X, so named in honor of the product’s 10-year anniversary. In August, Samsung released the Galaxy Note 8 and LG released their LG V30. In October, Google released the Pixel 2. In November, Motorola came out with their Moto Z2 Force.

All of these phones are considered high-quality phones with their own unique features. The iPhone X has a face scanner to unlock the phone, and through its iMessages application users can send animated emojis to people. Meanwhile, the Note 8 comes with a stylus that allows users more artistic freedom on applications involving messages and work. LG has boasted about the V30’s camera quality and its effects, including slow-motion video. Additionally, the Pixel 2 has received raves about its camera as well, which was ranked the best phone camera by EndGadget. Finally, the Moto Z2 Force has a finger scanner on the power button – something many Apple users have wanted for some time.

Whatever your individual preference, there are a tremendous amount of options in the world of smartphones.