The Rise of Bitcoin


By Ade Hennis

Across the globe, Bitcoin has become increasingly popular. Bitcoin, which started in 2009, is a type of cryptocurrency with many uses. Its versatility has become a key factor in its popularity. People today invest and trade Bitcoin due to its value: high, still rising, and expected to keep on rising for the foreseeable future. The current value for one Bitcoin is approximately $15,000.

While Bitcoin is not the most used currency in the United States, its many advantages draw people in. Using Bitcoin to purchase something can make the item untraceable. Additionally, buying and selling Bitcoins using the currency of one’s choice is possible. This is called Bitcoin exchange. One of the most popular Bitcoin exchange marketplaces is Coinbase, allowing users a virtual wallet of Bitcoins with which to purchase items. People can even send Bitcoins to other people using Bitcoin exchange platforms.

Many online stores such as Amazon plan to use Bitcoin as a payment option. Without a doubt, Bitcoins are going to be a productive currency in the near future.