Uber reports most commonly forgotten items of 2017


According to ABC News, Uber has released its lost-and-found data for 2017. And a few surprising items were left behind after people’s trips.

Some of the most bizarre items that people forgot to take with them after leaving the car were divorce papers, a Burger King visor, and a Star Wars encyclopedia. A few more include a letter from a woman’s imprisoned boyfriend, a Mario doll, a rhinestone mask, and a slice of pizza.

Of course, these weren’t the items that people most commonly forgot. That title belongs to the cell phone, which was by far the item that the most people forgot in 2017. Other commonly forgotten items included wallets, drivers licenses, headphones, e-cigarettes, glasses, and backpacks.

That’s not all, though. People were more likely to forget certain items on certain days. For example, people lost phones the most on Sunday. People lost glasses the most on Monday, books on Wednesday, and backpacks on Friday, to name a few. People also lost more items between the hours of 11:00 PM and 1:00 AM than any other time. This, of course, makes sense — it is the time when people are most likely to be tired and intoxicated.

Finally, Uber released data about the cities with the highest number of lost items per capita. The top three included DuBois, Pennsylvania; Athens, Georgia; and Stillwater, Oklahoma. Most of the cities on the list were in the Southern states.

Coming from someone who’s left her phone in an Uber, it’s definitely not fun. Try to remember everything next time you Uber somewhere!