Innovations are making fashion more eco-friendly


Fast Company reported on five new trends that are making fashion more sustainable.

There are numerous ways to reuse clothing that people no longer want. One is by making clothing out of a new fabric called Smart Stitch. When heated to 266 degrees, Smart Stitch makes the zippers and buttons fall off. In this way, manufacturers can reuse the material.

Another innovation is by Crop-A-Porter, which makes clothing out of crop waste. Meanwhile, Algae Apparel harvests algae and turns it into clothing fiber.

Mycelium is another design that can aid in growing clothing. The mycelium starts in Petri dishes and then grows into the size and shape of an actual garment. Finally, The Regenerator uses a chemical to break down polyester-cotton blends. These remnants can make up new fashion as well.

The steps towards making fashion more eco-friendly is taking off, and not a second too soon.