Dog accidentally sent to Japan is given a private jet to return home


On Tuesday, March 13th, a family’s german shepard was accidentally sent to Japan on a United Airlines flight. The beloved pet was supposed to be on a flight from Oregon to Kansas City, but was accidentally switched with a Great Dane who was meant to fly to Japan.

When the airline was alerted of their mistake, they apologized and said they would send the dog, Irgo, back in cargo. Irgo’s owners, however were not having it: “Absolutely not. You need to be doing this our way now. He is to be flying in the cabin, and honestly we don’t care how it happens. You just need to get it done”.

Two days after the initial flight mix-up, Irgo returned home to his owner, Kara Swindle. Swindle was overjoyed to be reunited with her dog, saying that it felt “amazing to finally have him back”.

This is the second time this week United Airlines has been in the news regarding treatment of animals on their flights. On Monday, a story broke of a French bulldog who died after an airline attendant insisted the dog be stored in an overhard bin.