The “Uber for Birth Control” may be the saving grace for Women


Nurx is an application that has been nicknamed “Uber for Birth Control” because it delivers birth control to it’s users doors, without an appointment to the doctor. While the app is extremely convenient, it is also providing birth control to locations deemed “contraceptive deserts” which may be the only access to birth control for the 20 million women living in these “deserts”.

“Contraceptive deserts” can be defined as counties where “the number of public clinics is not enough to meet the needs of the county’s population”. The app aims to provide affordable and accessible birth control options to combat “contraceptive deserts”. The popular app provides multiple brands of birth control, as well as Plan B and Ella, two “morning after” pills that can prevent a pregnancy up to 72 hours after unprotected sex.

Nurx is currently available in fifteen states and Washington, D.C., but hopes to expand to the entire country.